Workshops on the Environment and Our Natural World

A licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia, Andrew spent several years working for global consulting firm CH2M developing pollution solutions for a variety of large industrial facilities, particularly coal-fired power plants in central and southern Appalachia. Since 1997 he has made a life and livelihood in music, but his experiences give him unique insights in our issues with energy, resource protection and endangered species and ecosystems. He has four advanced degrees, including a Master’s in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry.

Andrew offers these environmentally-themed music programs, primarily for school ages but also easily tailored to a more adult audience:

  • We All Live Downstream (pre-school to adult, from 20 to 60 minutes) Examines our myriad connections and dependence on the most abundant resource on our water planet.
  • Earth Day Each Day (pre-school to adult, from 20 to 60 minutes) Learn about the many ways little and large that we can leave lighter footprints, and about the many threads in the web of life that bind us together.
  • I Flipped a Switch and a Mountain Blew Up (middle school to adult, 30 to 60 minutes) An exploration of the coal conundrum - it is cheap and plentiful right here at home, yet it has consequences from cradle to grave - particularly for those who live above it in the ground and downwind of where it’s burned. Through song, story and science, Andrew helps us understand our connection to the burning black rock that fuels much of our modern society.


All of Andrew's programs can be bundled into single or multi-day residencies for all range of school ages as well as for adult audiences. All programs involve engaging activities and participation, including bundling into a creative writing workshop/exercise.