"Sacrifice," a Compilation CD of Work with Veterans

We are excited to announce that one of the songs Andrew helped write with veterans has been selected for Sacrifice, the Music Therapy of the Rockies first compilation CD. "New Mission" is a collaboration with Alex, who worked in Mortuary Affairs during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Founded and run by legendary songwriter and folk artist Mack Bailey, MTR's program addresses the needs of veterans and other at-risk populations through evidenced-based research and techniques - particularly using songwriting as a tool to help veterans reframe their PTSD experiences.

Andrew says, "I'm really proud of the song, but that pales in comparison to my gratitude for the opportunity to help in some small way in this sacred and healing work." There will be some amazing songs on this record, and we'll post updates as the project moves towards a public release.

See Andrew perform all four songs he wrote during the retreats during his recent Veteran's Day Eve livestream:

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