And the Band Took the Stage

First time onstage with a band again since March 6, 2020. At the festival we helped start back in 1994. With people I've known that long, and longer, and many who weren't born for several years yet. The Mountville Folk Festival has always been this crazy sort of house concert on steroids with camping, put together with love by songwriters and dear friends who take great pride in somehow magically making a festival appear and vanish again in the space of a couple days every year. Every year is different, but none more so than the last two. 

2020 we had to stay apart and do Mountville completely virtually. This year we were able to have a small contingent of performers, crew and volunteers on site to do an actual live broadcast from Mountville - and that meant being on stage with other musicians. Making music in real time. What a treasure, what a treat. 

So here are a handful of images from a most amazing weekend - almost like an in-person songwriters retreat with a livestream to the world of the proceedings. If you wish you could have been there, try to make plans to get to northern Virginia towards the end of June 2022. But the best part is you can watch and experience the whole festival, at least what happened on stage and including Rich and Dana's presentation of their brand new one of a kind music pavilion. 

There are great sets from Heather Aubrey Lloyd, Tony Denikos, Tom Prasada-Rao and Annie Stokes as well as our set, and in the video description there are links to jump directly to the beginning of each set and the song circle afterwards. It's a beautiful setting, but that pales in comparison to how wonderful it was to be together with my tribe again. Doing what we do, because we love it yes, but because we can't NOT do it. 

Here's our set - I hope you enjoy it!

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