Maybe It's Not Quite That Bad?

December 8, 2017
Happy Friday - what little thing might we do to make someone's world a little better today? Imagine what it would be like if millions of us did?

Truthfully, millions of people DO do little - and large - things each day to make someone's world better. You likely won't read much about it except maybe in some friend's social media feed. It is human nature to be drawn to the bad and the scary, and now we have algorithms to feed it to us moment to moment.

I'm not saying that the troubles of the world aren't hugely important, or too huge for one person to solve. What I am saying is simple - each of us has enormous power to make someone's world better today. From the folks giving an elderly person a ride to dialysis to paying for the harried mom in a minivan behind you in the drive-through, from those donating gently used clothes and non-perishable food to the local shelter to just bringing a little cheer by sending a holiday card to that neighbor who lives alone, or the service member far from home and family.

I just want to remind you that you are awesome today. And it's transferrable, like some sort of elven fairy dust. Sprinkle that stuff around today. It will probably feel good. Do it again tomorrow. The crazy thing is that you always make more, and you never run out. It does no good to horde it for yourself. Because this broken hurting world needs you today. I need you today. Maybe the season of believing in magic and miracles might just be grounded in some small but vital truth. #Hope #IStillBelieve

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