Technical Requirements for Andrew McKnight & Beyond Borders Performance

For non-festival performance, a stage area of 20 feet wide by 12 feet deep is needed with sufficient electricity and lighting.

If sound system and engineer are provided, please download our Tech Specs & Stage Plot (pdf file). Three of the four members use wireless in-ear monitors that the band provides.

Please note that the band generally will load in 3 1/2 hours before showtime. Sound system should be completely ready (including all line checks) for soundcheck no later than 2 hours before showtime. Soundcheck will generally take 45 to 60 minutes to test every combination of instruments and vocals and fine tune wireless monitor mixes.

If the presenter is providing the mix engineer, the band will provide a basic song list and mix cues by email in advance of the performance.

If the band is providing sound, a dedicated 20-amp power supply line should be sufficient. The line should be isolated from any stage lighting circuits to minimize hum and other unseemly non-musical noises.

We are always willing to work with presenters and engineering crew to bring the best possible performance in your venue - please address any questions, comments or concerns to