"Treasures in Our Chests" Special Music Service

With the explosion of DNA testing for exploring genealogy and ethnicity, it seems more people than ever are devoting time and energy to answering the fundamental questions, "who am I and where did I come from?" Each of us descends from a wide web of humans, with their own powers, limitations and a life filled with their own stories. And while most of them are no longer here to tell them to us, their stories are also a part of how we got here. Andrew shares some remarkable experiences and insights from exploring his musical ancestry.

SUGGESTED READINGS (from "Singing the Living Tradition"):
Opening words: "These Bodies, These Blessings" (UUA website, author Erika A. Hewitt)
Responsive or unison readings: 524
Closing words: your choice, or feel free to use the following:

"We are the sum total of our ancestors. You are not limited by their limitations, but you have the potential of their accumulated sets of possibilities, and you are a product of their stories, even though you don’t know it." (Dr. Henry Louis Gates)