Once Again Lending Pen and Heart Helping Wounded Warriors

Andrew is thrilled and honored to return to the beautiful Madison Fields farm in central Maryland October 19th and 20th, working with renowned singer/songwriter and music therapist Mack Bailey and his Music Therapy of the Rockies program. Since 2014 Mack has been helping veterans using music and mindfulness in dealing with their PTS/PTSD (post-traumatic stress) by helping reframe their stories, learning how to rewire brains, and in doing so, saving lives. 

The veterans will meet with Mack, two music therapists and fellow songwriters Jen & Scott Smith (Naked Blue), Tom Prasada-Rao, Lea, and Michelle Swan during the weekend retreat in partnership with Madison Fields and the Wounded Warrior Project. Each songwriter will work one on one with two veterans for a pair of 2-hour sessions to hear their stories, and to help them in reframing their experiences into songs, which they will perform together at the end of the retreat on Sunday. Each of the veterans receives a Breedlove guitar and some group lessons during the weekend so that they can utilize some of the powerful tools they learn over the weekend.

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