November 28th House Concert - via Zoom

Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is often a lovely time for a concert. Guests visiting from out of town, everyone ready to get out of the house and have an entertaining evening, and....

Well, we aren't doing much of the holiday traditions this year, but that means that we can be creative about how we stay connected even in our physical isolation. House concerts are among the best community art experiences one can have, where you can meet new friends while breaking bread and perhaps enjoying a libation while experiencing the power of song and story up close and personal. A mini-Carnegie Hall, in someone's unique living room!

Thanks to the world learning how to use Zoom, we're going to use it for a house concert Saturday night November 28th. While Andrew has done many livestream concerts this year, Zoom is an interactive video platform that allows the artist to see the audience - and that cycle of energy between artist and audience is what makes a concert magical. So live "from" Susan and Brian Giblin's lovely log home in the fallow fields of western Loudoun County, Virginia, and Andrew's living room in Lincoln, to your living room - a holiday treat for all of us!

So come to western Loudoun County for Thanksgiving - it's a free will donation concert, with time to visit and meet people before the show. All you have to do is email the Giblins to RSVP and get the link, and clear your schedule for 7pm Saturday November 28th.

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