New Treasures Family History Video Series

On National DNA Day, Andrew kicked off a new series of Treasures "Livestreaminars" - part DIY family history, woven together with music and stories from Treasures in My Chest. The series is free through his YouTube channel, and each one offers a tip on family research and using DNA evidence. While each episode is loosely connected to the book, those starting into family research will certainly learn something useful from each video.

NEXT UP: June 6th, 2020 at 11am EDT, "Our Ancestors Who Gave All, Part II." In honor of D-Day, I'll share some stories and tips on researching our 20th century ancestors who served in the World Wars and Korea. I'll play a song or two from the new project, share a little advice from what I learned, and take a few questions too. It's free at my YouTube channel.

Mark your calendar - join me for a special hour-long workshop, "The Gifts in Our Genes" on Saturday June 13th from 11am-noon EDT. I'll share some case studies from my own work, using DNA evidence and records searches to help illuminate some amazing stories in my family, and write some new ones too. It's part of a weekend celebrating Family History Day June 14th, and I'll be doing a concert that evening (Sunday) at 8pm EDT.


April 25, 2020 - National DNA Day. The first episode offers an unusual silver lining of "Life in the time of corona" for aspiring family historians, some tips on grouping your DNA matches around each of your four grandparents, and a live performance of "Web of Mystery." April 25th is National DNA Day loosely because of the publication of the actual structure of DNA in 1953 and completion of sequencing the human genome in 2003.

May 9, 2020 - "Tracing Our Mothers Back in Time focused on our ancestral line of mothers - the matrilineal line. Some useful tips and advice from what I've learned researching my "Hourglass Women and Miracle Threads," and a live performance of "Anniversary (2,000 Years Ago)." 

May 23, 2020 - "Our Ancestors Who Gave All, Part I". Honoring the fallen on Memorial Day weekend, find out how to learn about our Revolutionary patriots and Civil War ancestors from the National Archives, how DNA testing can help in that quest, plus hear "Aretas Culver" about my 3G grandfather who was thrown int battle at Antietam, and who died from his ill treatment as a POW at Andersonville.

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