New Download "Live: Bound for Glory"

We are excited to release Live: Bound for Glory, a full live audio keepsake from Andrew's Autumn 2015 tour. Now you can download, own and  enjoy a great show captured during his nearly 8,000 mile odyssey in the Odyssey through 12 states, in his appearance on the venerable "Bound for Glory" radio concert in Ithaca NY. Producer Phil Shapiro and his crack broadcast crew caught the warmth, humor and energy of Andrew with an intimate audience in high fidelity, and we are delighted to share it with you. Whether you are a longtime fan of Andrew's work, or recently discovered him for the first time (perhaps on this tour!), you'll want to have this concert to enjoy time and time again.

The download is a bargain at $10, but you can pay more if you want - it all goes to help support Andrew, so thank you for whatever you are moved to contribute! As with all music from the website, we use as the vendor for all of our direct sales and downloads - the least middleman between you and Andrew (aka, the most artist-friendly vendor - thank you!)

Live: Bound for Glory lasts a shade over 90 minutes, features 16 songs and numerous stories and anecdotes, some of which are captured for the first time. The download includes all of the song lyrics too. Four songs are unavailable on any of Andrew's studio recordings - "One More Year (A Farmer's Prayer"), "By a Craftsman's Hand", "Guitar Man" and the "Kindergarten Love Song (Love Makes the World go ' Round)". This is the first recording of Andrew's solo dobro version of "Chemical Voodoo", and his native American flute improvisation that segues into "Wishing" is given its own track and title for the first time - "Catalooch", a Cherokee word meaning roughly "waves of mountains without end". And for the first time, you can have live versions of "Ansel Adams", "Cedars" and "Count Your Blessings" (all from Something Worth Standing For). Thanks to David Rice for allowing us the use of his photos from the evening.

Now in it's 49th year, BFG is a weekly live concert broadcast on WVBR FM from the campus of Cornell University during the fall and spring semesters. Tune them in some Sunday school night at 8:30pm Eastern for three 30-minute sets from a different great folk/roots artist.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy bringing this fine concert into your living room!

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