New Book Offers Advice to Aspiring Musicians

“What is the single most important money-making tip you would give a new singer/songwriter?” That question was asked of Featured Artists at The Standing "O" Project, and answers from 16 of those working musicians are collected in this book; some are single sentences, others are pages long. Killing it In the Streaming Age offers a different take on what it means to have a music career in the 21st century. And what’s really surprising—virtually all of the advice is non-digital, real-world and do-able.

Andrew's answer focused on the "Real Money" you want to make and save; "the real “currency” that makes this business go is how you handle yourself – call it integrity if you will. The quality of your art means a lot less if people think you’re an ass...". His thoughtful essay on making a life and livelihood in the 21st century music business will likely strike a chord with veteran musicians as well as those just getting started. The book is chock full of great advice and thoughtful - and often unique - perspectives.

Editors John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt host Art of the Song Creativity Radio, a one-hour, listener-supported weekly radio program broadcast on over 150 stations across North America. They have interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry with a focus on the universal truths common to all creative expression. Together, he and Viv launched The Standing “O” Project, a “socially responsible streaming” site dedicated to overcoming what they see as one of the biggest inequities in the music business: despite being talented creative professionals with a profound work ethic, singer/songwriters are often shortchanged professionally.

Killing it In the Streaming Age is available in soft cover or Kindle edition (currently free!) from Amazon.

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