Mountville Turns 25

For those who attended the first Mountville Folk Festival back in 1994, there was no way to imagine what that seed would grow into over the quarter century. This little gathering that started in Andrew's backyard as an excuse for singer/songwriter friends to spend time together sharing each other's work among the local music community, now annually draws 200-300 people to the slopes of Bull Run Mountain near Aldie VA.

This year's 25th annual Mountville will include an extra night of music in celebration. Andrew will be busy - a rare set with Beyond Borders Saturday night, plus a solo set featuring his upcoming recording Treasures in My Chest to kick off Saturday afternoon, hosting a songwriter roundrobin or two, and maybe more mischief too!

Come Friday afternoon! Camp or hit a local B&B for the June 21-22 weekend, and help celebrate a most delightful milestone with some lovely people and an awesome musical lineup. RSVP to to get directions (like a house concert) and to get all the info emails. And to get a sense of the Mountville experience, Like and Follow their Facebook page here!

Andrew & Beyond Borders wrapping up the 2017 Mountville Folk Festival with a little help on the fiddle!


Andrew McKnight accompanying Lisa Taylor at the 1995 Mountville Folk Festival

Andrew accompanies Lisa Taylor during her set at the 1995 Mountville Folk Festival!


Katie Crotzer has been attending Mountville since she was a teenager, well over a decade ago. Now she is Mountville's Operations Manager, and she updated a favorite festival logo from 1998 to help celebrate the anniversary. Thanks to her, there will be T-shirts and perhaps other merchandise too!

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