Help Bring the Nor'easter Project to the Finish Line

As the world slowly lurches back towards some state of openness - or at least in-person performances as part of our regular cultural lives, Andrew's pandemic project is nearing completion. The three years he spent 1984-87 as a founding member of Nor'easter along with two of his dearest friends, drummer Matt Bouley and singer Christopher A. Gursky, were both creative and on the wild side. Together they created an album's worth of their own songs, which they recorded two years after their final show.

After nearly a year of restoration and production with his longtime engineer and co-producer Dustin Delage, Calm Before the Storm is nearly ready for the world. While Matt passed away nearly twenty years ago, this legacy project sounds right at home between the 80s "commercial metal" of their contemporaries as well as their classic rock influences like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Rush. Without Matt, there won't be any shows, but the remaining members have been hard at work creating experiences to share with fans - and have a lot of great things in the works including a mini-documentary, Rock Time in Your Town, along with their last concert bassist Paul St. Amour and based on their final concert with some recently discovered video.

We would love to have your help making it happen - we have an IndieGogo fundraising campaign going for a couple weeks with lots of great goodies and ways to help preserve this legacy and share some great rocking music for support little and large. Please visit to see how you can help - and check out the project video for a bit of their story.

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