Farewell to Concert Window

After a good run of six years or so, our vidcasting platform Concert Window is going away September 16th. It has been a wonderful vehicle for Andrew to stay connected with friends and fans around the world, and to be compensated for the performance in some fashion too. Unfortunately as with many things in the arts in the streaming era, these models struggle to keep up with "free" outlets like Facebook Live, and so Concert Window will shut their doors for good on September 16th. We are actively seeking another platform to do performances and share them with the world, while at least giving viewers an easy way to financially support the artist in so doing. Concert Window was far from perfect, but on the whole it was a valuable part of our toolbox here.

So one last show, to say thanks, to spread the word, to give updates on the new record Treasures in My Chest and much more! Please join us on Thursday September 5th at 9pm Eastern for our final curtain Concert Window show. Perhaps by then we'll have some idea of how we will continue video performance outreach around the world for the future.


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