What's Next?

It's no secret Andrew has been anxious to get back on stages across America - as has every other performing artist and ensemble. Covid continues to be a pesky adversary, causing artists to interrupt tours and venues to cancel shows. Many artists have been without "normal" performing revenue - income - for so long; our resources are thin, savings stretched and that's not addressing anything about emotional and physical health of having careers and livelihoods sidelined. Artists are chomping at the bit, but are also understandably cautious about the expense of being marooned far from home by Covid for any length of time too.

So, what's the plan? Great question! The plan has several parts, first and foremost in booking weekends worth of shows again within a day's drive of home. That means the Carolinas and east Tennessee, PA/NY/NJ, and of course New England. Michigan, Ohio, eastern Indiana. The cost of travel pretty much necessitates having at least two shows on those weekends, and safe places to stay (never been a problem in the past, but also assumes people are still willing to have a house guest for a night!). The easiest thing to do is host a house concert, as most venue and festival schedules are overflowing with talent with that same wealth of eager artists out vying for the same spots, and there are considerably less of those to go around post-pandemic. We're open to some combination of concerts, programs and workshops (check out "The Gifts in My Genes" for your local library or historical society!), and Sunday services for spiritual communities like UU and Unity. If you want to help by introducing Andrew's work to presenters in your community, please share the Press Kit page here.

There are other plans of course too. Over the winter Andrew will continue doing a livestream concert from home monthly, and at least one will be on a Europe-friendly schedule. And there is work in the studio too - Andrew and his Beyond Borders bandmates are starting to record the batch of songs they wrote together over the last ten years. He's been writing songs for hire for people - a great holiday gift idea! And of course, there is the ongoing publicity work with the Nor'easter legacy project, and maybe too a related film project.

What we'd welcome most of all is help making any pieces of this plan come to life - little or large! We still have some Virginia Commission for the Arts funding available to help defray costs for eligible performances here in the Commonwealth. Thanks to the technology and skills we've developed during the pandemic, Andrew can do broadcast-quality presentations and concerts in all sorts of virtual settings.

So if you'd like to help, thank you and welcome aboard! 

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