Hear Nor'easter's "The Chemical Zone"

The Nor'easter project hit a big release milestone with the April 4th release of the first single "The Chemical Zone" to streaming platforms. You can see the lyric video and hear the whole song down below - Andrew plays bass as well as guitar on the album version.

"The Chemical Zone" is an excellent introduction to the many stylistic flavors of Nor'easter, drawing on their 70s rock influences like Zeppelin as well as their mid-80s metal contemporaries. Opening with Chris' haunting vocals over a delicate harmonic tapped guitar, the message of environmental disaster shifts and builds into a pulsating and persistent groove, which abruptly transitions into Andrew's soaring cut time solo.  Following Chris' final powerful "why isn't there anybody left here?", the swirling chaos of Matt's "Bonzoesque" outro drum solo fades into an apocalyptic soundscape. Presented with the most challenging mix on the album, engineer and producer Dustin Delage has done a masterful crafting and polishing the original recording.

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