Joining the Standing "O" Project

Thanks to his visit several years ago on the syndicated "Art of the Song Creativity Radio" (National Public Radio) show, Andrew was one of the guest artists invited to be part of the Standing "O" Project. Standing "O" brings artists and listeners together deep into music that might be considered to have "limited commercial potential." Artists bring their music. Fans bring their support. Hosts and founders John Dillon & Vivian Nesbitt bring hundreds of hours of rare interviews (including Andrew's show).

In a way, Standing "O" does what your radio station used to be so good at: offering surprises and rich content that can change your day. It's a very exciting idea that could change the face of music, designed to connect singer-songwriters and music fans in original and profound ways.

And here’s the best part: the fans who support Standing "O" are also supporting the musicians who make it possible. Independent artists share in the membership contributions, providing a much-needed revenue stream to help them continue creating music. Basically, we’re all working together to build an artistic empire of good music, human connection and flourishing creativity for the common good.

The Standing "O" Project also has an iPhone/Android app. If you like discovering great new music, but like to have a knowledgeable someone sift through and find lots of jewels to share with you, definitely try it out.

Try it FREE for 10 days, no card required. Come visit, and click the Start Free Trial button at the top. 

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