YouTube: 12th Annual Winter Holiday Concert

The "Make-a-Living" Room, Lincoln VA

I've been video webcasting (livestreaming) a Winter Holiday evening from home for over a decade now - but I had no idea last Christmas that a global plague would limit me to livestreaming as my audience connection for so long. Nonetheless, we've got this! We'll bring cheer to the season, joy to your heart and gifts to your hearth with the benefit of all the broadcasting tech and techniques we've learned these last two years. TIPS are gratefully accepted via Venmo, Square or PayPal at - thank you for helping me keep the bills paid and this crazy journey going! It's a full-length concert, with lots of video and imagery fun to help make it a special and unique experience. Preview some music at and check out the 2020 album and book project #TreasuresinMyChest at