The Beginning of Returning: Live Shows Announced

Real shows in the real world in real life. Three in person shows on the calendar, beginning July 7th in nearby Upperville VA, a shared bill with my dear pal Tony Denikos. That means I get to play some electric…

The Nor'easter Recording Project

Thanks to what could be best described a series of miracles, or narrowly-averted disasters, Andrew's first original recording with his hard rock ensemble Nor'easter is in our hands and in our computers. Recorded in 1989 to 8-track reel tape, Calm


A Sale for St. Patrick's Day

You don't have to be one of the 32 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry to enjoy a treat this St. Patrick's Day. From now through midnight Friday 3/19, you can get the companion set of Treasures in My Chest


Planning 2021-22

March 12, 2021

While we will be processing and unpacking the effects of "the lost year" for a long time to come, the time has also come to plan forward in some fashion. It is likely Andrew will do some…


VCA Awards Funding for Virtual Performances

We are thrilled, grateful and relieved to again be a part of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Roster, which means that eligible presenters anywhere in the Commonwealth can get up to 50% of Andrew's performance and workshop fees…

11th Annual Winter Holiday Vidcast

I've been video webcasting (livestreaming) a Winter Holiday evening from home for over a decade now - but I had no idea last Christmas that a global plague in 2020 would make livestreaming my primary live performance venue. Nonetheless, we'll…

November 28th House Concert - via Zoom

Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend is often a lovely time for a concert. Guests visiting from out of town, everyone ready to get out of the house and have an entertaining evening, and....

Well, we aren't doing much of the holiday…