Update: How to Get my Monthly E-Zine

We started sending the new E-Zine, A Storytender's Journey, to our 3200+ email subscribers in November using our new mailing service, Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP). While we are sure that over the years lots of email addresses were abandoned in place and never updated, we were alarmed that only about a quarter of our emails reached their intended subscribers. Longtime recipients reported that they did not receive anything even in Spam filters, but YMLP showed status as "Delivered" nonetheless. We have found New Subscriber emails, and direct emails from YMLP in our spam filters days after they were sent. To say that our first experience was unsatisfactory would put it mildly. December's E-Zine went a little better, but we're still not succeeding at staying in touch with a vast chunk of our email subscribers!

If you're willing, if and when you receive it, please do drop a quick reply to let us know you received it ok. Meanwhile, you can read the November issue here to see what you missed! We'll post each issue in the E-Zine Archive (under the News tab on the website).

What else can you do? Make sure e-zine at andrewmcknight.net is on your Whitelist for acceptable senders, and if you can manage it, create a Mailing List Rule to always take that address into your inbox instead of Spam. It doesn't help if it never even reaches you, but at least you improve your odds a little bit.

ORIGINAL POST (10/5/18) We were disappointed that our webhosts discontinued their Listbaby email service at the end of September. The hunt is on for an affordable email newsletter service so we can continue staying connected to over 3,000 subscribers. Thanks for your patience as we work through whatever other unanticipated wrinkles might come along as we transition email services.

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  • Cheryl Ruffulo-Keys
    Cheryl Ruffulo-Keys
    Pls add me to any lists I'm a fan!

    Pls add me to any lists
    I'm a fan!

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