NEW VIDEO: Web of Mystery

Here it is, fresh tracks indeed. I wrote "Web of Mystery" in October and I've been performing it at most shows since, so it's closer to "road tight" in this version. I haven't really thought much about how we'll arrange it with Dustin Delage in the studio in July yet, but likely there will be more than just me and my guitar :)

My dad Warren filmed it with his digital camcorder and a Shure SM-94 mic he rigged with a wireless. The audio is a bit hissy, but, you're there in the audience :)

And if you've ever wondered WHY I got interested in my family history, you'll get some answers to that too. I hope you like it, and please do share it freely. The lyrics are included as well.

Most of all, as always, thanks for listening and for the support family and friends alike!

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