Getting the E-Zine OK? Email Troubles...

Are you subscribed and getting our monthly E-Zine ok? While we love everything else about our website hosts at HostBaby, the current email service they provide doesn't give any notification about bounced emails or automatic unsubscribes. So we're in the dark about people not getting email unless we go and manually inspect the log files. With over 3,000 subscribers, that's a lot of opportunity to miss connecting with you - and you are a vital part of the lifeline that makes continuing this work possible!

If you'd like to check, 2017 E-Zines went out:

  • April 5th
  • March 2nd
  • February 8th
  • January 12th

If you have unsubscribed, ListBaby won't let you or us resubscribe with the same email address unless you request it (click here to send them an email).

Thanks for letting us know if you should be receiving them and aren't, and you are welcome to share feedback on the format as well. We include a couple pictures every month as well as a few links to get to relevant emails and keep the newsletter itself shorter and more concise. You can always drop by the Blog to catch up on Essays you may have missed or enjoy re-reading. And of course, if you HAVEN'T subscribed, you can do so easily right now in the left column at the home page and be enjoying 9 free downloaded songs in moments :)

Most of all, thank you so very much for letting us stay in touch!

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