Andrew on NPR's "Interfaith Voices"

Back in June Andrew was invited to perform as part of a special presentation of the National Public Radio program "Interfaith Voices" at George Mason University. The panel discussion and presentation, "Is Religion a Problem or Solution?", was hosted by Maureen Fiedler and featured guests:

  • Father Gerry Creedon, priest and former head of Catholic Charities
  • Reverend Alison Miller, Unitarian Universalist Minister
  • Maria Dakake, Professor of Islamic Thought at GMU
  • Emma Green, Senior Associate Editor of The Atlantic


It was a lively discussion, further sparked by audience questions. Father Gerry laid it on the table. For many people, he told the audience, religion is about "legalism, fear, guilt and repression." For others, it is "a source of freedom, liberation, justice, and mercy." Listen to the whole show and a great discussion via stream or downloadable podcast at their website. Maureen Fiedler also wrote a synopsis of the discussion for the National Catholic Review here.

Hear the music from the program, featuring performances from Andrew and Dragon's Head, featuring Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church minister E. Scott Sammler-Michael:


Photo © Ashley Campbell for Interfaith Voices.

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