"The Bells of Appomattox" (Essay)

Reflecting on the many contradictions in our nation's history as a milestone anniversary passes, and the author ponders the influence of where we've been on how we go forward.

At 3pm today, bells will ring all across this great…


"10 Tips From a Million-Mile Traveler" (Essay)

Distilling a lifetime of driving into a handful of hopefully handy hints to enhance your travels.

I often joke that I am a professional driver, and when I quit for the day I pull out my guitar and play for…


"Patriot Games" (Essay)

Some thoughts on honesty and storytelling, "Deflategate" and Brian Williams, and the "Grab Their Attention" ethos in the Age of Information Overload.

I've long ago grown deep bonds with most of our local professional sports teams, most based in the…


An Appreciation - Legendary Folk DJ Mary Cliff

Mary Cliff's "Traditions" Pulled from the Airwaves
February 8, 2015

For over 40 years by my reckoning, there has been one consistent voice on the public airwaves for folk and roots music in the mid-Atlantic region. Mary Cliff has anchored…


"Back to the New Middle Ages and A Year of Re-" (Essay)

An artist reflects on the profound changes in his livelihood and calling, faces up to fears and failings, and resolves to move forward.

Resolutions. At this time of year in particular folks get hung up on them - making…


"Only One Day?" (Essay)

The concept of day devoted to charity is a noble one, but leaves one man scratching his head trying to understand it, and offering a humble alternative.

One way to insure everyone drowns in a concept is to devote a…


"All Soul's Day" (Essay)

More thoughts on connections to the past (originally posted on Facebook), Nov. 2, 2014.

All Souls Day has never been a big milestone for me. But after a week of profound discoveries about my family with my Mom on