I'm Back, Crooked Finger and All

May 8, 2023

My finger and I are ready to roll the cameras and sets back into the "Make-a-Living Room"! I'm thinking it will be a bit easier to make a D chord again in another week or two, and I'm feeling my oats from a handful of really lovely shows last month. I don't have a lot of shows on the books for the rest of the year, but I'm absolutely committed to singing for you in real time wherever in the world you might be.

Music is medicine for the soul, and sometimes we're lucky enough to get it when we need it. It certainly has helped me in healing from what felt like a career-altering injury, most especially singing for you in person - the energy from all you kindly people who came to the shows got my finger going!

I'm eager to keep up my work on the road, but I've also got the mortgage and the family to consider in that equation, and the economics have gotten a lot worse since Treasures in My Chest came out in early 2020. I'm going to keep looking for opportunities to do a long weekend of shows within the eastern US at least, as well as workshops and especially the songwriting therapy working with our wounded warriors.

But, the people who have helped me sustain this crazy calling in music as a livelihood over the last quarter century come from all the corners of the continent. I don't have realistic expectations of an economically-feasible tour to Texas, the Rockies or the West Coast anytime soon, but I damn well am going to make every opportunity I can to connect with you person to person through this crazy internet thingy. I'd be glad to have you over; June 1st, 8pm Eastern. Bring as many friends as you want.

Most of all though? Thank you. Thank you for believing in me and my work. For giving me this indescribably beautiful life I've been blessed with. For sharing your stories, opening your hearts, your homes, for caring about this one dude and his crooked finger along with everything else that you invest your care into. Thank you.


I'm back.

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