First Two Studio Days Down

Good morning world - two days in the studio complete. Four songs have been mystically transformed from ideas that were once floating around in my head, out through my fingers onto the strings and notepad and first into solo pieces for voice and acoustic guitar, now into fully fledged songs with parts and arrangements. This part of the process is always amazing to me. 

For me producing a song in the studio is part me having vision and providing some direction, and part trusting the talented people around me to infuse it with their talent and creativity. Thus I never truly know what something will sound like when it's finished.

There have been so many moments and threads of serendipity and dang near haunted coincidence and irony running through this project that at times I feel like I'm just riding in the flow, lucky to be aware enough to appreciate their significance. This song we just happened to record in my longtime "go-to" configuration; me and my trusty Stratocaster with electric bass and drums. It really doesn't seem to need anything else, and it just seems fitting that one of the songs winds up that way.

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