David Bowie: An Appreciation

Fitting perhaps that it is on a Monday that we wake to learn of the passing of David Bowie. As someone who deeply appreciates artistic diversity, perhaps no creative spirit in my time wandered more galaxies in pursuit of his muse - music, theatre, fashion and more. Bowie was more than one of a kind, he pulled the curtains back on so many different things it makes my head spin pondering it.

One of the very first albums I bought with my own money, and I am sorry to say I can't remember if it was vinyl or cassette, was Bowie's "Diamond Dogs". I might have been 10, and I remember being so entranced with "1984". I think about the Bowie songs I know well or have played in cover bands in my youth and the stylistic diversity between them is mind-boggling - "Rebel, Rebel", "Fame", "Space Oddity", "Suffragette City", "Let's Dance" - and those are just some of the hits, never mind the deeper album cuts.

The world has lost an amazing unique talent, but the sky has gained a bright and eclectic new star. I imagine it will change colors to a dance hall beat, between purple, and green, and every other color of the rainbow. Because that's Bowie. That's Ziggy Stardust, and Major Tom, and all the rest. All in one. All over the world people are building incredible Bowie playlists for us to enjoy today. Starting mine off with "1984".

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