Birthday Gifts

This is my birthday gift today :). While I'm super stoked that mom and dad restored a picture of Dad's old '40 Ford Coupe (too bad you can't see the Corvette engine he put in it!), the best birthday gift is that they're still around to answer the phone - when I actually catch them at home because they're not off doing something. I remember how badly I wanted to drive this tractor when I was a kid, and I think I was 10 or 11 when he let me do so. Restoring it has kept him busy these past few weeks - obviously I didn't inherit his mad mechanical skills, but I sure appreciate them. 

So I'll say it now, thank you kind friends, for all of your kind wishes - tis better to keep having birthdays so I'll just go along and do so for as long as I'm allowed :) And perhaps you'll consider this a small thank you gift in return, from my family to yours!

Dad with his hot wheels, then and now.


The engine, and the article that might have inspired the idea.


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