A Week of Gratitude, Day 2


The nearest thing to these times of plague within reasonable historical reach seems to be the flu pandemic of 1918. While there are actually many parallels between those times and ours, the one overriding thought I keep having is how grateful I am that we have widespread internet connectedness and video call/conference capability. Will our ability to stay spiritually and emotionally connected to our families and communities of choice ultimately make the Coronovirus pandemic of the 2020s less deadly? That remains to be seen, but that most of us have such access to information, supplies and most importantly to each other gives me hope that it's possible. 

Interesting side note: We got cable/internet here on our dead-end gravel road when we moved in at the end of 2009, because a guy at one of my shows knew some higher-ups at Comcast and pulled some strings. The day the father and son crew they hired to run the cable up and down our street showed up, the rumor that had gotten down to them was that a famous country songwriter had moved into the neighborhood. I'm not even guilty of being a legend in my own mind, but I chuckled and told them that it would be pretty cool to have famous neighbors, and thanks for taking care of us too while they were at it.

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