A Week of Gratitude, Day 1

Just sharing a little personal practice here during this Time of Quarantine. 

Today I am grateful for our covered porch, for yet another new reason thanks to the "Great Sequestration". It is essentially another room to our house even though it's open air, and we eat dinner together out there as a family most nights for 6 months of the year. We can holler greetings to and fro with our neighbors walking by on our dead-end dirt road, and air out walking shoes of our own that need to be banished from the house for a time :) 

But today I'm grateful that our porch is also a sort of airlock, a place to safely disinfect things before bringing them in the house, and segregate the stuff that comes inside from the stuff that no longer can. I had never thought of it in that way til today, but there it is. And I am grateful for this new role added to its many others, affording us a small measure of protection from this wretched pandemic. 

And an Everyday Gratitude for the front line health workers and first responders, particularly my young Murray cousins who are nurses in Connecticut. Holding all of them and their families in our hearts night and day until this is over.

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