A Treasure Indeed

This is one of the items at the core of my massive Treasures in My Chest creative project. My cousin found this in her possessions over the winter, long ago bequeathed to her by our grandmother. She carefully brought it to my parents on a March visit, and they handed it over to the family historian when I came through on tour a month later. It answers a few questions, but mostly its contents are a direct touch and feel to my past. Hard to describe how much it means to have it, including the letter between my 4G grandparents that he wrote to her from a long journey in September of 1818.

While I've made plenty of records, and I'm thrilled how this one is turning out so far, this is my first and probably only book. Seeing my beloved grandmother's #handwriting in front of me definitely strengthens my resolve to make it the best I possibly can.
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