Finally It Comes to the Turning

For all who lent their eyes, ears, hearts or supported me and my work in ways little and large in this year like no other, thank you. You've kept me going, and it's meant the world. I don't know when we're going to be seeing each other in person, or where. Every performing artist is itching to be onstage in safe environment, and there is going to be a long slog back to filling venues with eager audience, so our virtual world is going to remain our primary connection for the foreseeable future. That's meant I get to sing for you wherever in this big old world where you safely are, and that is a new joy from 2020 that I will cherish. 

To each of us, everywhere, these lessons about appreciating the mundane simplicities of an in-person life won't soon be forgotten. May this big old hurting world find some strength, empathy and compassion to help each other rise up from this low point. I'm grateful for lots of little miracles and unexpected surprises, but I'm sure ready for a great turning towards something better.

To a better 2021 for all of us, with open hands and open heart, beyond borders and beyond these four walls.

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