Our corner of the northern Virginia hills are home to a lot of creative small to mid-sized "agribusinesses". Between wineries and specialty farms, plus restaurants that source much of their food locally, there is a sort of "new" rural economy and appreciation for both the land and those who coax things out of it. While they aren't farmers themselves, our good friends Scott and Becky Harris at Catoctin Creek Distilling Company are a big part of our local landscape. They've won a dizzying amount of national and regional awards and accolades over the past year in particular. They not only make great spirits, they do so with mostly their own energy from rooftop solar on their downtown Purcellville facility and a "waste nothing" approach that contributes to several other local enterprises, like beef cattle :)

So naturally, we're not only enthusiastic for their success, we wanted to contribute the "theme music" that everyone hums when they think of Catoctin Creek. And after a dinner of homemade gumbo with Scott and Becky and a few drams of their classic Roundstone Rye, this idea came to life in about three minutes. It's taken awhile to get it done the way we like, but with the expert help of jazz/klezmer clarinet virtuoso Seth Kibel and our own local treasure and high school band maestro extraordinaire Rick Reaves on the trombone, we think we've copped the Catoctin Creek vibe. We wish them continued success, are glad to occasionally have the opportunity to do great things together, and we hope you find yourself humming this swingy little ditty for the rest of your day.

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