Ever find great music on Spotify and think to yourself "that's really cool and I want to hear more"? Dove in and listened to a bunch more songs - sure! Did you know that we songwriters and musicians get a fraction of a penny for every one of those plays? If not, now you do! And there is a way to lend a bit more support to the artists you love without going broke, and without enriching streaming services investors at the expense of those artists.

Check out this great new video below from the folks at The Standing O Project and tell me what you think - try their 10-day free trial and do some exploring. I've been a member almost since the beginning, and I love what they are doing - creating a new model to help support artists you love continuing to do what we love to do. I've got a lot of super talented friends here too that I'd recommend to you in a heartbeat, but let's see what happens when you explore. Take a spin by http://artofthesong.org/what-is-fair-trade-streaming/

Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting me and what I do!

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Tour Dates

  • 07/09/2017
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun - Leesburg, VA
  • 07/12/2017
    Globe Theater at Montgomery College - Germantown, MD
  • 07/23/2017
    Unitarian Universalists of Gettysburg - Gettysburg, PA
  • 07/29/2017
    Cape Charles Central Park - Cape Charles, VA
  • 08/23/2017
    Epicure Cafe - Fairfax, VA



Andrew is a grateful Endorsing Artist for Elixir Strings and Fairbuilt Guitars, and a member of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Artist Roster. He also is a member of The Standing "O" Project and Concerts in Your Home.

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