In advance of next week's vidcast, and with a thinner-than-normal autumn tour schedule, I'm devoting some extra attention to making more friends in this big old hurting world. I'd love to connect with people who might enjoy my music and words, and might be interested in helping get me into the ears and eyes of others who might like it too. I greatly enjoy the interaction with new people as well as old friends, and the vidcasts are very personal and interactive. These are crazy times in the business of making a livelihood from one's art, and I'm not complaining - just doing my best to "work smart" and enlist the best allies to help me keep doing so.

So, if you know someone who might enjoy my work, please let them know about the next vidcast coming up, or share the Music page here. You can stream any CD, or downloadable concert, in its entirety for free - and you can own the download or the disc if you'd like to support the artist. 

Of course, there is also the rising sea of social media, where it is far easier to drown unnoticed then to "go viral" :) Nonetheless, if you use any of these, please do feel free to amplify it to your friends as you see fit too. We've got lots of video on the YouTube channel, share tour postings and photos on Instagram and occasionally Twitter, and the Facebook music page too. Whatever you do, however you do it, thank you from a very grateful and ever-determined "independent" artist!

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Tour Dates

  • 01/04/2019
    Gigi's Music Cafe - Sunrise, FL
  • 01/05/2019
    Luna Star Cafe - North Miami, FL
  • 01/06/2019
    Music4MeandU House Concerts - Ft. Myers, FL
  • 01/06/2019
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami - Miami, FL
  • 01/11/2019
    Club Cow Creek House Concerts - Edgewater, FL




Andrew is a grateful Endorsing Artist for Elixir Strings and Fairbuilt Guitars, and a member of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Artist Roster. He also is a member of The Standing "O" Project and Concerts in Your Home.

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