"Here we are again in the midst of Hanukkah and the bustle of the Christmas holidays. Our humble old house is now lit and decorated, and the winter chill that seemed to set in within 48 hours of air-conditioning season is now at least familiar. There will be picking parties in our living room, gatherings with friends and family over delicious food and libations, caroling in our old historic village, and other seasonally-appropriate mayhem. In these long dark nights approaching the longest of the year, we are grateful for all that we have..."

Welcome to the first edition of my new E-Zine, "A Storytender's Journey." If you haven’t been getting my monthly emails for a while, I promise it’s not because I haven’t been sending them to you! During the migration process, I went by hand through the over 3,200 subscribers from around the world on my current email list. I enjoyed taking a moment to think about when and where you signed aboard to support my work...

"First things first, a quick bit of important business, for staying in touch with you is one of the most vital parts of my business! We've just learned that this Listbaby email service will go dark at the end of the month. It's a huge inconvenience, and its going to add overhead costs too, but most importantly it's a challenge to overcome to stay in touch! So, if you have the inclination, hit a quick reply so we know that you're still here. After all, without the corporate sponsors and all to fund the music and the tours :), it's pretty much word of mouth that keeps the music coming, and I greatly value your mouth as well as your time to read this - thank you!..."

Photo: "Dad and daughter atop Mt. Eisenhower"
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Essay: "To My Daughter on the Eve of Middle School"

"Like spring in the eastern and northern US, this month's E-Zine is a bit late in arriving. But it comes bearing new treats and treasures and I hope that offsets the tardy arrival a tad. They always say you should keep trying new things, so here is a big one. For the first time we have a solo concert video available for download (details below)..."

Photo: "Playing resonator guitar at Uncle Calvin's," by Ira Hantz
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Essay: "A Day to Dream"

"I wonder if being a tad early for March makes up for all the months that I've been a tad late getting these out. I'm ready to hit the road to Texas for a few days before doing a week of school workshops in western SC and southwest VA, so this has to be out the door on auto-pilot in time for Houston-area friends to get the reminder to join me at the legendary Anderson Fair Thursday night. But we also have something for you wherever you are on Tuesday March 20th with the "Spring is Here" vidcast..."

Photo: "Farewell Beloved Gatito"
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"It is an icicles-on-everything day here in the Blue Ridge hills. Kids are home from school; though the main roads are only wet, our rural gravel is another matter. I've just finished playing music with my daughter and her friend. The house is cozy, there's food in the larder, and for now the bills are paid. We are blessed to have it so good, when so many lack these basics of life. I have had plenty of time to consider and contemplate my good fortunes behind the wheel these past couple of weeks, and deepen my appreciations for home too..."

Photo: "Two Pieces of Art and a Piece of Work," by Christi Porter
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Essay: "What We Leave"

"Happy New Year! A dry and bitter cold wind is howling outside my window like a freight train, but I'm grateful for a roof overhead, heat inside and a well-stocked pantry. I'm still trying to process the year just completed (see this month's Essay below or at the Blog page), but ready or not, 2018 is rolling and soon I will be too. I wrote a song for the holidays, on the guitar gifted to me by my Irish cousin and her husband during our trip last year. In all my years of songwriting, I've never written a holiday song, so all of these firsts added up to "A Dram to the Holidays." You can enjoy it and a bunch of other new posts on the Blog at the website..."

Photo: "Library of Congress Jefferson Building, decked out for the holidays"
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Essay: "The Paradox of 2017"

"The last E-Zine of 2017 means the brightness and frenzy of the holidays are upon us with vigor, and in stark contrast to the low angle of the sun, short days and long chilly nights. I firstly want to wish you and your loved ones well - may your season be filled with joy, and kindness and laughter, and the very best memories and stories of those revered elders who've gone ahead..."

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Tour Dates

  • 01/04/2019
    Gigi's Music Cafe - Sunrise, FL
  • 01/05/2019
    Luna Star Cafe - North Miami, FL
  • 01/06/2019
    Music4MeandU House Concerts - Ft. Myers, FL
  • 01/06/2019
    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami - Miami, FL
  • 01/11/2019
    Club Cow Creek House Concerts - Edgewater, FL




Andrew is a grateful Endorsing Artist for Elixir Strings and Fairbuilt Guitars, and a member of the Virginia Commission for the Arts Touring Artist Roster. He also is a member of The Standing "O" Project and Concerts in Your Home.

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