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"Time, Toil, Turmoil and Value" (Oct. 2012)

Remembering my friend Matthew Bouley and the DC snipers 10 years later, and pondering the creation of music as an industrial component of the US economy. Oh yes, and a fundamental question the politicians don't want us to solve.

"No Turning Back Now" (Sept. 2012)

Passing through one of parenthood's many one-way portals.

As a kid, I rode the bus. A lot. And a long way. My school days generally were elongated by between 45 minutes and an hour each way, because we lived a couple miles out of town up in the hills. I remember my bus driver, "Big Jim" Wilcox - Bus 23. He was an enormous man with a quick wit who could turn stern with one look in the rearview mirror. If Jim stopped the bus, and got up to walk to the back to end whatever shenanigans were going on, it wasn't going to be fun. He didn't need to stop the bus much.

"Invisible the Ties that Bind" (Aug. 2012)

Inspired by reunions with three of my different "tribes".

The end of a seemingly relentless summer is here. Despite it being mid-August, the last few nights have dipped into the high 50s in the northern Blue Ridge foothills. And while no doubt it won't go out like a lamb after so much 95+ heat over the last two months, the shorter days and unexpected wave of pennant fever for our hometown baseball season marks the certainty of summer's fade into fall.

"Home and Away" (July 2012)

Musings on touring, vacationing, and seeing places through different eyes.

Working for yourself generally means that you work long hours for a relatively low hourly rate - the office is never closed, the work is never done, and vacation is something other people take. But it overlooks the fundamental human need to recharge the batteries, and without some maintenance, the engine that drives the small business starts to sputter and burn oil.

"Pedaling on Principle" (June 2012)

While each generation must find its own way in this world, may we always be wise enough to be inspired by the passion and principles of our elders (Reprinted from my "Fantastic Fridays" entries on my Facebook page).



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